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"Establishing this SPA based on the theme of Greek Aegean Sea has been in mind since very early indeed. People have been on a very stressful beat all along. Many people look forward to momentary quietness and peace but feel that they are very hard to find. Sitting beside the window, looking at passengers' furrowed brows, one feels that although this sleepless city has its charisma, it lacks a relaxing atmosphere.

Therefore, we want to create a mysterious Greek realm so that people who enter can enjoy the light and air that are isolated from this city, can enjoy sauna and different varieties of exquisite services. No matter how tire and stressful you are outside, we want people to forget the work in mind and pressures of living once they walk in, Help people achieve the real relief."

--- May

Founder of Shui Shang Ling Long SPA

Our Commitment

  • All therapists are NY State Licensed
  • Please inform your technician if you are pregnant, have injuries, are using retin A, accutane, or have had laser or plastic surgery.

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UV Gel Design

UV Gel Manicure

Do you know that with UV gel, we can enjoy longer nails for a longer period of time? Come and check it out!

Pedicure Step-by-Step

Pedicure Step-by-step

You pick your favorite color. You enjoy your time. We do a good job!

Rose spa

Rose Spa

Choose from a variety of Spa offered and get relaxed!

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